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The making of...
Palomino Horse Head Swizzle Set
Kellie is currently working on a custom order for swizzle sticks with quarter horse heads. These here are ready for Kellie to inlay her wet glass frit basically painting with glass powder.
Kellie has started to lay her colored glass frit. She is the master of meticulous craft. The glass powder is mixed with water and gum paste to make it easier to work with. The wet glass is then positioned on the glass backing using sculpting tools.  Depending on the design and the size, this process can take from one to several hours. 
The glass powder is laid down wet so that some blending can occur. Once the powder is arranged, it is allowed to dry completely.
While waiting for the tops to dry, Kellie cuts the pieces for the rest of the swizzle stick.
The sticks are then assembled and gently placed on a custom cut kiln shelf. The purpose of the custom shelf is because the kiln is 8" x 8", so 7 1/2" swizzle stick must be fired at an angle. Two corners of the shelf have been cut off to allow for more air circulation in the kiln around the glass being fired. A this point, the swizzle sticks will go into the kiln and get fired to 1430 degrees F. Then they will be cooled at a rather slow rate to anneal or strengthen the glass properly. The firing process takes about 11 hours, start to finish.
Out of the kiln and ready to photograph and send to customer!  Notice how the corners have rounded and the stem of the swizzle stick has narrowed.  This due to the glass moving and condensing itself using the high heat and gravity.  Controlling the actual movement of the glass is not very easy, but makes for some interesting and one of a kind results with each project.