The Orchid
This painting will be the first painting after a period of seven years.  At
the height of my father's passing my family fell apart. Part of the reason
was my dependancy on Meth, other reasons were beyond my control.
After being arrested in 1999 I was orderd into rehab or visitation with
my children would be very costly. I succeeded in rehab and have been
clean of Meth going on 12 years. The first 7 were difficult as I took a
long time to get reacquianted with life trying to find myself and realized
that I did not have a cereer, went to school and obtained a degree in
Business Management. My soulmate and partner in life Kellie was
a great inspiration as her creativity knows no bounds. I did force myself
to paint this and it was easy as it was a photograph and did not require
surrealism creativity. I painted this painting for my daughter Cassiopiea
so I wanted it to be something that didn't have rage, or anger and it
would be something she would hang in her house. In fact the anger and
the rage in my work dissapeared with my chemical dependancy. So
yeah... it was difficult to get back to the easel. This painting is oil on
canvas and is18" x 24" painted in 2007