The Tenderloin
There is a section in San Francisco called the Tenderloin North of
Market. This part of town reminded me of the song "in the City" by
The Eagles. "When you're down that's where you'll stay" and I added
my own take "as the youth comes to prey", This area had the most
prostitution, pedophilia, narcotics, addicts, theifs, homeless and your
general just want to ruin your day type people. It is also the cheapest
area of town to live in. But here you can get mugged after you walk
into your biulding on your way toyour room. I did not stay here but had
to pass through to get to school and some of my classmates anf
friends had no choice. This painting will be the first one completed
with knives. I tossed my brushes to the side fro a while here and I
attempted to change my style up. I wanted to paint more like my
brother and my father. Their styles are bold and direct to the image
they are trying to paint. I was of the style to restroke every stroke until
it was perfect. One of the issues an instructor had with some on my
work was that he could not see brush strokes in my paintings. With
knives you can't hide them and if you tried you were crazy.
This painting was painted several years after leaving the academy. It
is 20" x 45" and was paitned in 1997. My son Nick was 9 years old.