The Studio
When we finally moved into a house in SF, we had to clean it up as it
was trashed. It had been squatted in for a while. Graffiti on the walls,
car being rebuilt in the living room, plumbing out for years, but didn't
stop squatters from using the toilet anyway. It took about a year and a
lot of donated materials as a lot of people were interested in saving
this home. It had three floors and was on a hill over looking the bay.
The bottom floor is where I established my first official studio. It was
in the dinning room that was attached to the kitchen and breakfast
nook on the bottom floor. We had a lot of friends and family coming
through on a daily basis and it was the popular place to hang out. In
this studio I created some of the most bizarre and incredible works of
art that were driven by instructors criticisms and assignments. All I
wanted to do was blow them away like I did everyone else but my
arrogance would run its course at the Academy. This painting is oil
on Canvas 12" x 16" painted from a sketch I did in 84. The painting
was painted in 1994