The Farmers Wife
Broken time for a period of 5 years she was unable to handle the flood as it
carried us all away. The only escape is through the red window of rage. She
was unable to control anything in our lives as the physical abuse she received
for a period of 5 years slowly reduced her to nothing while at the same time
feeding a vicious rage in me. The man that abused her died several years ago
of alcoholism, hearing about it made me sad I was not the one to pull the trigger.
Why she waited so long to walk away still puzzles me to this day. When dad left
she tailspun into a severe depression and I could feel her pain for a time there,
he had abandoned me too. She is loved more than she knows and she has
never been more difficult to understand but it matters not, she's mom and I am
glad I still have her in my life even though I may not show it very well. There's still
time! This painting is a shot in time that was dark for me and this figure is
symbolic. My  mom is much prettier!  
Painted with knives in 98 This GIANT oil on canvas is 4' x 4.5' and has 2" sides
painted as well