Nevada County
Nestled deep in a valley on highway 24 going
from Nevada City Ca. to Reno Nevada. It is a
major climb up  the mountain just to get to the
highway. My commute through the foothills, up
through the Sierra Nevada's to get to work in
Reno was the most breath taking commute I
have ever had the pleasure to drive. Scenes like
this all the way there, no traffic Jams it truly was a
pleasure to drive. Problem is it that it is a coin
with two sides, the other being snow, chains,
slush, freezing temps, accidents, million years to
get to work. Eventually I succumb to the fact that I
was insane.Ca started construction for 3 years
on the highway during the summer, and during
the winter I needed chains. It was a good run and
this is one of my favorite spots on the drive.
18" x 24" oil on canvas Painted in 2009