Nevada City
On a visit to the foothills we passed through a town called Nevada City. The scenery and nature are what bring
this community of artists together. Standing on the bridge over the highway I took this photo of the church at the
top of the hill on Broad Street as it caught my eye. I was so much in love with this town, little did I know I would live
two streets away from this intersection 8 years later. Moving up here frm the Sacramento Valley has improved
our quality of life so much that Kellie and I will never move back down into the valley regardless of any
circumstances. The crime and hot weather being out of our life we are able to breath a little better up here in a
community of very friendly and incredibley talented people. This painting was also paintied with knives shortly
after The Tenderloin. I did use some brushes on this one and didn't paint the cars or people which is why it
seems..... ghostly. It is oil on canvas 30" x 50" and was paintied in 1999