Island of the Giant Cannibalistic Horses
I had my cards read from a Celtic deck about 4 months
after my dad had passed and well before my
rehabilitation. I was told that I reside on this island full
of rage and cannibalism. Rightfully so I was deep with
in a struggle to keep my head above the water. I was
no longer in denial, I knew I needed help but getting it
and giving it a chance to work was the challenge. I
went to a clinic in an effort to get started and I was told
that I needed to rid the source of the anger. For the first
time in my life, anything I did or said became suspect
but it turned out to be the people and events that were
beyond my control that fed my rage. My only comfort in
life at this time was my two kids Nick and Cassi. It was
my love for them that saved me from myself and why I
am alive today.