Four Horsemen
Growing up in a family run church, the Assembly of God I have had my fair share
of being preached to. It was my grandma that struck the "fear" of god in me. She
was convinced that everyone was the devil... at least us children anyways. I am
rather intruiged with the events of Christianity except I tend to lean to the darker
heavier side because there is more truth there. Christianity is an INCREDIBLE
source of inspiration and divinity. The world is saturated with so many religions,
sects, cults and the like, all wanting you to believe in their god or they are the
voice of god, when there is only one true god. I believe in god and I pray, but I
believe our lives and karma are balanced by an energy flow. Not sure how or
where from, perhaps god, but maintaining that 'balance' is the secret to
happiness. If you want good to come around, you have to start the process and
have faith.
Nothing really special about this painting. It came a from a drawing I did in class
but the drawing was not to my satisfaction. I wanted the horsmen closer and in
better detail. Asked by many people why I paint images that people will never
hang on their walls... at least not over the dinner table. My response has been... at
the time... I am just painting to get this off my chest and I am not worried if people
like it or not. My arrogance was definitely a fault. Good thing it is in check now...
for the most part. This painting is incomplete. It's a big one 36" x 45" oil on
canvas painted in 1989