I started painting about the age of two with my father. He was
an art student at the time and I helped myself to one of his
paintings. Angry he was, mom told him if I had my own paints
and my own canvas, I would leave his alone. And that is
where it all started. Painted a lot of abstract in the beginning
but with his guidence throughout the years I became very in
tune with my abilities. When I made it to the Academy of Art
in SF, it was my ability that got me in, but it was the discipline
I received that helped the most. Yes anyone can paint a
picture and there's nothing wrong wanting your name to go
down in history, but there is more to putting paint on a canvas
or gluing stone to glass. There is a creative process involved
in meaningful art and if one can catch that wave and learn
how to surf it like a pro, then you are golden.

For me... all of it was made possible by this incredible man!
Here he is in New Orleans at the Superbowl VIP guest for the
SF 49ners as he worked on several niners during the
Montana/Walsh era. A definite high point in his life. Bliss for
us all. This painting is 18" x 24" inches, oil on canvas painted
in 1994