When your life becomes complicated with drugs good and bad, there
are going to be times when uber surreal perception runs into reality.
We can bury who we are or what we've done. We can deny our loss
of control by holding it together if we work at it hard enough. I had
such a long way to go to get to that Island of beauty but the path would
have to be through hell if only I had the toll. I had been betrayed and
angered and it had seemed that way from the beginning but I
understood why it would never change. For this reason I felt
imprissoned and the journey was looking less worth it anymore. The
knives in my back made it easy to move on, the drugs complicated it.
This one is 100% paintied with knives... in fact at this point I was
shaping the tips of the blade in order to dial the paint in better.
It is 14" x 20" and was painted in 1998