Crystalscape - The Starburst 1
In 2009 I started Mystic Prism Studio creating crystal
sculptures to be sold in Galleries, Craft Fairs and Online.
After starting this endeavor my painting sessions came to a
close end while sculpting crystal took the forefront. Although
I still painted on occasion, my paintings did not carry the
same weight in passion as the prisms did. That is until we
started taking macro photos of the interior of the prisms
focusing on the optical illusion created when glass is cut at
the perfect angle, even better when the cut is random. Then
I realized that one could get lost inside of these prisms if
they were to somehow become "one" with the crystal prism.
This would be my view of the skies from my back porch.
The idea is to bring the viewer closer to the possible reality
of crystal. This painting is 18" x  24" and is oil on canvas.
Painted in 2012
It is Available for $500.00