The Magician
I must give credit to my brother Gary for helping
me get set up with a virtual studio using software
applications that taught me quite a bit about
graphics. I have always been one to just pick up
a tool and play with it long enough to master it. Or
at least get all that I can out of it. As usual I chose
an impossible feat and started a Tarot Deck.
This will be the first card. Corel has been my
software of choice as it caters more to a fine art
perspective by providing tools that mimic real
painting strokes and does not come with run of
the mill graphic programs such as Illustrator or
Photoshop. All software has its purpose however
and many projects for many graphic artists will
utilize multiple software programs in one work of
art. This work here was executed with Corel
Painter Classic and Photoshop. I used the
Airbrush tool primarily. Some of the objects were
imported from photoshop and painted over in
order to preserve  fluidity.
This Graphic was completed in 2002.