The Sun Dial
Mayan Mythology is equally as intriguing as Greek and
Roman Mythology. Another game idea I had come up with
was the Mayan Calendar in which the cycles rotate opposite
of each other while coins spew out of its mouth for the
jackpot winner. I used only illustrator on this graphic as I
attempt to master gradient mesh. It is a fairly easy tool to
use if you can think in object and groups of objects. The
Illustrator file had become too large for my home computer
due to all of the objects and effects I had making it
impossible to finish it the way it was meant to be. After
studying this calendar and all of the symbols and their
meanings, it is plain to see that the Mayans never believe in
the end of time. Only that the cycle will start over. A new
beginning. Captain Cloud had it right when he said the end
is always just the beginning. I would like to try this one again.
Graphed in 2009.