The Fall of Icarus
Another Mythological theme here the fall of Icarus and his
father desperately trying to catch him before he crashes to
his inevitable death. This graphic was quite involved in my
strive for as much reality as possible. I used several
programs to work on this one. I used Poser to create the
models. With this program figures are much like plastic dolls
we can put in any position and even choose the expression
to put on their faces. Then I place the figures over a back
ground created by Bryce. A 3D modeling program where I
can lay objects and masses in any form I wish and then
apply sunlight creating a stunning real background effect of
water, land and a tower under the incredible heat of the sun.
Then I used photoshop to paint Daedalus. Icarus, still nude
is waiting for me to dress him up and I hope to get to him to
do that  Painted in 2008.