In  Greek mythology she was the daughter of Zeus and
Demeter. Demeter was the goddess of Nature (Mother
Nature) and the seasons were in her control. Hades, the
god of the underworld abducted Persephone and took
her to the underworld to become his wife. In her grief for
her missing daughter, Demeter started to let nature
deteriorate through negligence. After Mortal man's cry to
Zeus regarding the conditions of man and his inability to
sustain life on earth, Zeus ordered that Persephone be
returned to her mother on Earth. While in Hades
Persephone sustained her life by eating only
pomegranate seeds. 4 to be exact, and because of this,
she was forced to return to Hades side four months out
of the year as the queen of the underworld. During these
four months, her mother Demeter would go into a
depression and the lands would suffer cold and infertile
soil. Winter. Being that Persephone was incredibly
beautiful, other deities and nymphs found her irresistible.
Here, her transporter from the depths of the underworld
to the surface is Hermes. He is sent by Zeus to handle
this task and he is smitten with. He disguises himself as
a majestic creature of nature as he cradles her to safety.
Another study in the works, I am not sure if I should do
this with oils.... Or graphics
Graphite on paper