Academy Assignment
This was the final assignment of my first drawing class. I
had the audacity to walk into a classroom and declare
that I did not need this course in that I was already an
expert at drawing. At the peak of my idiocy during my
education at the Academy. Truth is, I was more
disciplined at the academy than educated all though
they are one in the same. I had all the potential for a
bright future and all the foolishness to completely screw
it up. The assignment was to create a collage created
with a theme in mind. My theme was animal magnetism.
At this time I truly broke through in ability to create
perfect realism with the use of graphite and blending. I
asked the instructor if I could just use ink for the black
back ground. He smirked and said that it was a graphite
only assignment. The collage was already approved and
there was no going back. So I spent a full day grinding
30 2B draughting pencils to the nub and received an A
for the course.    
Graphite on illustration Board