I discovered my artistic ability at a very young age when I discovered horses. As a typical horse crazy little girl,
I drew nothing but horses for several years until I could draw one in any form or angle from memory. By junior
high I finally branched out to other animals. I had gotten very good at pencil and charcoal and had tried oil
painting, but was too frustrated with the drying times and my own impatience. I didn't start really doing
anything in color until high school, where my art teacher challenged me to try acrylic paints. The acrylics did
what I needed them to do, which was to dry quickly. The idea that I could overlay one color over another to
create varying shades was intriguing. I learned that I had the most fun with mediums that were fast and had to
basically be done right the first time. I have since dabbled in several mediums including acrylic painting,
ceramics and under glazes, glass painting, the Ukrainian art of pysanky, wax carving and casting. My current
obsession is with fused glass and started when my husband, Steve, brought home a microwave kiln and a few
pieces of glass. I researched the art form on the Internet and was instantly hooked! It didn't take very long to
upgrade to a larger kiln, and a lot more glass. I love artistic mediums that are more or less unforgiving and
working with the glass has been a challenge for me. I am practicing a lot of patience with the requirements of
the hot glass. The other challenge for me has been the concept of abstract that my husband pushes me to do. I
have compromised with something that we call “random precision” but the lack of a recognizable form in the
colors still unsettles me. While a database administrator / report programmer by day, I work hard every night at
learning and experimenting with warm glass.